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The Challenge


Upper, Middle and Lower Canyon, 33 km (21 miles)
10AM – 4:30PM
Rating: Kick N’ Scream

Experience the entire Kicking Horse River with this all day whitewater adventure. Begin with a scenic float on the upper section, followed by a BBQ lunch. The middle and lower canyon await with class 2-4 rapids for a thrilling ride, finishing with a float through the town of Golden. At times of high water the lower canyon is closed for safety reasons or road closure; alternatively, you will raft the middle section twice.

Minimum weight: 90lbs./41 kilos
Age suggestion: 16 years or older if lower is open, 12 years or older if lower is closed.

***Please call us directly to book this tour!

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Tour Description

Experience the breathtaking rush of the Kicking Horse River with this all day white water rafting adventure. Begin with a relaxing scenic float on the upper section, then charge through some class 3 rapids! A stop between the upper and middle allows you to catch your breath and enjoy a delicious hot riverside BBQ lunch.

Now you are ready for serious white water thrills as our experienced guides navigate the massive power of class 4 rapids in the middle and famous lower canyon sections of the Kicking Horse River.  Finish your tour with calmer water that brings you rafting gently through the town of Golden BC. Altogether this white water tour covers 33 kilometres of the upper, middle, and lower sections of the Kicking Horse River!*

*Note: At times of high water,  or road closures causing inaccessibility, the lower canyon may be closed. During those days, if we have enough participants, we run the middle section of the river twice, which is as wild a ride as the lower canyon, especially during high water! 



This package is your best choice if you are looking for serious whitewater rafting thrills as you travel to Golden BC from Revelstoke or Calgary, Alberta.

Tour Duration:

  • 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Please arrive at 10:00 am Mountain Standard time for check in

The Kicking Horse Challenge includes:

  • Class 1 to class 4 rapids
  • A delicious hot riverside BBQ lunch – please let us know of any dietary restrictions
  • New high quality whitewater rafting river gear – wetsuits, booties, splash jackets, helmets
  • On-site Mens & Ladies bathrooms and change rooms complete with free hot showers
  • Age Suggestion: 16 years or older (12 years or older if Lower Canyon is closed), dependent upon water levels. Please call our office for more information.
  • Minimum Weight Restriction: 90 lbs/41 kilos or over

What to bring:

  • Swim suit to wear underneath the wetsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel to have a shower afterwards

This tour is offered 7 days a week!

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